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"The thought of being back again with my family and friends makes me really happy!".
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“I came to Greece on August 2017. My parents were against my decision to leave Iran as I had already started studying informatics and I wasn’t having any sort of problems in my country. My goal was to fulfill my dream of exploring Europe and integrate there. When I arrived on Samos Island, the truth is I got scared. I arrived at the reception centre where many people of different nationalities where already staying there. In time, I like the island and its people, I made friends. I thought it would be nice to live in Greece.

The months went by and I started thinking of my family and friends in Iran through the hardships I faced. I was missing them a lot. I was already aware of IOM’s AVRR programme and I took the decision to return to my country. The thought of being back again with my family and friends makes me really happy as well as the new beginning in Iran after this experience I had. However, I will never forget the friends I made here”.

The project "The implementation of Assisted Voluntary Returns including Reintegration measures" (AVRR) is co-funded 75% by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and 25% by Greek Ministry of Interior.


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