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"The most difficult part is saying goodbye to my parents when I visit them."
Ann Sophie
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“I'm from Montreal, the French speaking part of Canada. I came to Guatemala after I finished my studies at the University of Canada because I wanted to gain experience abroad.

I had already known some Guatemalans in Canada who were working with me, and one of them invited me over for a few months to know the country and he let me stay in his home. That’s how, in September 2012, I travelled to Guatemala thinking that I was just taking a vacation. By December of that year, when I was scheduled to return to Canada, I wanted to stay. So I went to the Embassy so that they would authorize me to stay another three months to take Spanish lessons, travel and learn more.

I am able to go back home twice or three times a year to visit my parents and I also go to interview new employees for the project that I work on. The most difficult part is always saying goodbye to my parents after I visit them.”

After a while, Ann Sophie started working with vulnerable populations, helping them find jobs in their country of origin.  Living in Guatemala helped her realize how important it is for people to have safe and equal work environments.  Since 2013 she has focused on supporting migrants from Guatemala who wish to work abroad and protecting their labour rights.








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