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"Whether you’re working your dream job or not, young people must have a flame inside them to achieve personal & professional growth."
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"I realized that I no longer wanted to be part of the advertising industry in Honduras; I felt that to learn new things, I needed to go to new places. So I began formalities to leave for Canada; I had no concrete plans of what I was going to do once I got there.

While working with an advertising agency in my birth country, I was constantly visiting different cities in Guatemala. I met several people and managed to establish many contacts, whom later opened the doors for me to settle in the Guatemalan capital.

Before migrating to Guatemala I analyzed many issues: its advertising industry, the job opportunity the agency offered me, and the general context of the country. I thought it was an opportunity I could not miss. Unlike leaving for Canada, I would not be entering an adventure without knowing what to do, but rather I defined a plan for my professional growth.

Although it is true that in Honduras there is a high climate of violence and unemployment, that wasn’t the reason why I left the country. Instead, I was determined that if I ever wanted to worked in advertising again, I’d do it from another country and with a more demanding challenge. A few days later, that opportunity knocked on my door.

It was intimidating to think of the high competitiveness and talent that prevails in the advertising industry in Guatemala. The foreign community that has invaded this area compels me to try harder and to open my path competing against many others who also strive to excel. This multicultural platform has helped me grow even more than what I might have in Honduras.

There is a high population of foreign nationals in Guatemala, especially in the advertising area. As people we always try to "click" with others. It was easy to establish that relationship with the “chapines”, because we are Central American brothers. On the other hand, I also found it easy to establish relationships with other foreigners, because they were going - or had gone - under the same settlement process I'm going through.

Settling in a different country is not a decision you make lightly. Yes it's an adventure, but also a responsibility. Living in another country makes you part of it; you pay taxes, take part of the city´s development, you crop opportunities in its land, obey its laws. You have to respect where you are and those around you. You have to learn its history, its geography, learn about their culture and commit to the future of that country.

In my new community I contribute with my job. I’m part of the young force labor that drives the development of the local and national economy. I believe that whether you’re working your dream job or not, young people must have a flame burning inside them, wanting to work and achieve personal and professional growth."

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