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“Adventure is not easy. You need courage, perseverance and self-confidence, and to accept hits and failures to turn them into experience."
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“In Togo, the opportunities of employment were scarce and I was struggling to start my business and make decent money. So when I was offered a management job in Guinea, I didn’t think twice about it.

“I remember I could not sleep the day before leaving. I was about to leave my family and country to go to a place I did not know. It was like diving into an abyss.

“When the plane took off that day, I thought: ‘I am leaving a place I hold dear, a country I love so much that I can see my future here’.”

In Guinea, Francis found that things were not as easy as he thought. He surely came for a job but his role was different from what he expected.

“I came to work as a Manager for a big Guinean company but in fact, I was working as the CEO because the Director General was permanently on the move. I had no contract and was earning very little money. I suffered for two years and then quit.”

“Not long after, I was hired as an accountant and everything changed. It was the beginning of a new adventure. Then I married a local woman and we now have two children.”

After working for several Guinean companies for 12 years, Francis opened his own cabinet.

“Adventure is not easy. You need courage, perseverance and self-confidence. You need to accept hits and failures and turn them into experience. “

That is what he did and he happily calls Guinea his home country now.

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