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"Hondurans are very talented people who can make things change"
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The most important thing for me is to have a happy family. That is why we decided to come to Honduras.

My wife and I met in Marseille (France). She studied there, but it wasn’t easy as a Honduran to find a job when she finished. We didn’t think much of it: in Honduras, she could work as a dentist and I would try to find something to do. That was the challenge.

I used to say: “I can’t imagine being in a place without working.” And I was very lucky because I got a job offer very quickly in an educational institution, based on a previous working experience in France. My friends say that I’m like a cat who always lands on his feet.

It’s been three years now. This period is not enough to evaluate the country, but I do feel that Honduras has a great potential and it has very talented people who can make things change.

I do miss my family, my friends. And I also miss the music. I’m someone who needs to play, to create. In Tegucigalpa, the city where we live, I missed that. I was looking for musicians to start a jazz band, but it is often difficult to find people who share your vision. Luckily, a few months ago I found the ideal people and we started a group, French Quartet.

My family, my job and the music are the three reasons that make up a very positive personal balance - despite living in a country with high levels of violence and with lots of people having a hard time. But I also feel that we can all build a country where things work out better. Together, cooperating.

In short, we are here building a house and creating a home.


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