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"The most beautiful thing that Honduras has given me is the opportunity to start a family."
Maddalen Yarza
Responsible for social policy of the child
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I have been in Honduras for more than 6 years. I'm 23 years old and I'm going to be 30 years old.

Since I was very young, I have always wanted to explore. At 18, I went to study in Barcelona. At that time, I was the most intrepid of the family because none of my brothers had left the city.

Before finishing my university studies, I spent a summer in Colombia, where I had my first professional experience in Latin America. Later, I lived in Guatemala for a few months, where I worked with indigenous peoples. For me, I have never been very spiritual, this great experience has helped me to know a lot about the beliefs and traditions of ancestral people and how they understand the world, their world view.

That's when I arrived in Honduras with a one-year contract. But from the beginning, I knew I wanted to stay longer, I bounced in many places and was looking for more stability. Listen, I am Basque pure strain and I do not know any gene in my family who is not Basque, but I feel very well in the tropics. I have a passion for this land.

I never imagined being a migrant and I am one of the most privileged. Although I am well adapted, there are also conflicts resulting from cultural differences: when I drive, when I see the unfair difficulties that are subjected so many people in Honduras. But at the same time, I really like how people tell stories, heat, temperature. The tropics is health, the tropics are life.

Once in Honduras, I met Gabriel, who became my life partner and, with his daughter, they became my family. The most beautiful thing that Honduras has given me is the opportunity to meet great people who are great friends, but now also, and especially to start a family.

I fell in love with him and also with his granddaughter, Walkiria. She is the epicenter of our life: so beautiful, intelligent, affectionate and gentle. The first year of coexistence has brought many changes in our lives that we have gradually adapted, but the important thing is that I feel very good, completely happy. Living with a girl is a gift, a source of knowledge and wisdom. Our project is now to expand the family, a project that thrills us all three.

I have been fortunate to work at different levels for children's rights and I am currently working in an international organization with municipal governments and institutions at a decentralized level, which can bring a much more immediate change in the lives of children from Honduras.

What would I like to do in the future? I am a lover of planning, hence my passion for my work and my public policies, but I am also a person who lives in the present, I enjoy life in all its extent. I try to put into practice the maxim of my mother-in-law: life is today.

My message to migrants, especially to Hondurans, is that you must not let your guard down. You must catch your breath, continue and fight for a better Honduras.

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