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“This experience has allowed me to appreciate the commitment of others to help people in need.”
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United Kingdom

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"I came to Honduras as a volunteer in a program from the British government, which provides opportunities for young people to live in other countries with a different culture and to conduct social work.

I had never lived outside Liverpool, yet I wanted to experience something new in my life, something completely different. I seized this opportunity to learn another language and meet new people, also for personal development.

When I agreed to participate in the volunteer program I knew nothing about Honduras. I did some research about the country but much of the information I found expressed a negative situation. However, I was completely open to this new experience.

When I arrived at Honduras in 2013, I was accompanied by 11 volunteers. I’m the only one left now!

Staying for so long was not my original plan. When the volunteer program had ended the NGO offered me a fixed job, this was one of the reasons why I decided to stay. I also did it for my girlfriend, Celia.

Without the support of Celia settling in Honduras would not have been so easy. I had to face many obstacles, especially when it came to the language and understanding the idiosyncrasy of the Honduran culture.

Sometimes even the simplest things can become complicated, like going to the doctor or the immigration office, or even asking for a taxi. With the support of a local person, everything is much easier as there is someone who explains processes, the meaning of slangs and tells you what is accepted within the culture and what is not.

Every day in Honduras is unpredictable, either for a particular situation the country is facing or because of the people around you. The work I did as a volunteer had a positive impact on the communities, or so I like to believe; but in all honesty, the strongest impact has been on me.

This experience has allowed me to appreciate the commitment of others to help people in need; especially those who leave behind their country and all that is familiar in order to explore the unknown."

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