Emily, 6,647 km
"Moving somewhere new has given me a new sense of independence. I know I can still be me, just me somewhere else."
Shahin, 3,768 km
" Refugees are like newborn babies. You have to start over completely - learning to live in a new culture and abide by new rules."
Setareh, 5,789 km
"I first started drawing when we got to Greece. I want to go to an open camp and draw buildings."
Giulia, 1,210 km
“I use music as a tool for integration. It is a language that everyone speaks. Through music and dancing I can get in touch with people.”
Jelena, 378 km
"It’s not about belonging to a community ethnically or nationally or having a common culture it's about sharing experiences."
Natalia, 951 km
“As soon as you move abroad you perceive that the world is not locked in one city, that there are opportunities”.
Anonymous , 3,315 km
“For me home is the place where I feel free. If you’re not free, if you’re under oppression you don’t feel like you’re home.”
Shir, 5,737 km
“I decided to leave because I wanted to save my life and my family.”
Francesco, 806 km
"The more you realize that there are many places that can be your home, the more you realize that home is not even a place."
Aisu, 4,368 km
“Without staying abroad, I wouldn’t have been able to improve my skills and to develop myself as a specialist in my field.”
Darko, 369 km
"I can live and work wherever I want. Borders are unimportant to me.”
Ferdaus, 4,369 km
"Budapest is the city where I’ve become an adult and the city where I’ve become independent."