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“I use music as a tool for integration. It is a language that everyone speaks. Through music and dancing I can get in touch with people.”
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"My parents always supported me, because they knew travelling would open my eyes to the world.

At 17, I went to Venezuela for an annual exchange study program. I was studying Spanish and all I knew was that a relative of ours moved there after WWII. While living in Venezuela with a modest host family in difficult social conditions, I learnt how to appreciate the small things in life and deal with problems from different perspectives. That’s the best lesson learnt, I still use it every day, also here in Hungary.

Budapest is very intercultural and inspires me every day. I love the river, the way Hungarians enjoy and are proud of their inventions.

I didn’t explicitly choose Hungary: I chose to leave Italy, because I was disappointed by many things and I needed to leave my comfort zone again.

When I arrived here, I immediately started meeting as many new people as possible, to better find myself, through understanding and accepting differences and choosing who I wanted to be.

Most of my friends here are related in some kind of way to arts. I use music as a tool for integration. It is a language that everyone speaks. Even if I don’t speak Hungarian, through music and dancing I can get in touch with people.

I am an Intercultural Learning Trainer. I teach high school students about cultures, appreciating differences and finding similarities. I don’t like that people are scared of differences or feel no need of going out of their countries; it hurts and makes it harder to explain that differences are beautiful.

I travel a lot across Hungary, where I am hosted by very welcoming local families. It’s beautiful and tiring at the same time: if you don’t speak the language, they don’t always consider you in the same way. However, I could learn something new from each person I met.

I consider myself a migrant in its original meaning, not only because of physical travelling: I am fond of stories, I travel through music and dialogues. I am attracted to different backgrounds, languages, environments and religions. To me, home is where I can truly be myself: it has been my home town, Venezuela, Hungary or even this park where I am sitting now."

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