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“I decided to leave because I wanted to save my life and my family.”
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"I was born in Kabul. My mother was a teacher and my father was a military doctor. I graduated from Kabul University and started working at an international organization. But the situation in my home country became very dangerous. I decided to leave because I wanted to save my life and my family. It’s really hard to talk about. Most of my friends are still stuck in a difficult situation in Afghanistan.

I saved my life and the lives of my wife and my children but nothing can replace my original country. It’s like your mother. Your mother cannot be replaced. I miss Afghanistan and I worry about what is going on there still. People are killed every day. I hope something will be changed.

Now I live in Budapest with my family. I have refugee status which means I can be a permanent resident of Hungary for all my life. We were lucky because we got support from the Migration Service so we could start our simple life. I think migrants shouldn’t rely on others to come out of their situations. If your life isn’t safe you have to try to start a new life on your own. We did that. In the past 3 years my daughters learned Hungarian perfectly. They go to school and my wife works at a kindergarten. We’re gradually integrating into society.

Hungary is a nice country. Life is easy here. I really like the weather. I’m a very emotional person, I don’t like it when it’s always cloudy. When I came to Budapest and I was amazed by the old buildings. There are a lot of surprises everywhere, for every bridge, for every building, there is a very interesting history behind it.

But there are some problems. We‘re a little bit different from other people and we feel some discrimination. But if people know you, that you’re a normal person, their opinions can be changed very easily.

There is a big issue with the Roma minority here. People’s first reaction is that they assume that we’re Roma. And they show this. It’s visible from their attitude that they’re not happy to see us. I knew about this issue before I came to Hungary and I used to be quite angry about this but after I moved here my opinion has changed and I can see that it’s a very difficult situation. Roma people are also sometimes hostile towards Hungarians. They have a dissagreement between each other and this can only be changed slowly.

It’s important to be polite and kind. This can change things so much. If you start speaking politely to someone that person can change even in just a few seconds. If you say bad things, naturally, you get back something bad. So do it for yourself. This is for your own benefit. I teach my children the same way. It doesn’t matter where you come from I respect everyone as human beings."

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