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1,130 kmfrom home
"Unlike at home, here one can get employed and provide enough for the family. Overall life is better here."
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“My name is Jyoti, I am a Bihari migrant and my husband and I have been living in Gurgaon, India for more than four years. My husband works in a Maruti factory nearby. We live in one room with our two small children. Here, the problem is we have to pay for everything like electricity, water, rent, ration, and we need to adjust accordingly.

We came here because in the village women cannot work in the fields, while here both men and women can work in companies. Also, in the village there are only fields to work on and no other resources to take care of the household expenses. Here one can get employed and earn enough to take care of children and other household duties; children can get good education, one can save more; 

The difference between the village and here is that women there have to stay at home. For example, we are meeting you and talking to you here, we can’t do that in the village. We cannot go outside; we can only go out when there is a wedding or a party. Here if the husband isn’t there sometimes we can go to the doctor on our own, or anywhere else for that matter.

Overall life is better here.”


This story was written by i am a migrant’s partner, UNESCO New Delhi.


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