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417 kmfrom home
"I still follow politics of my village very closely. I make it a point to go to the village and vote. "
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"My name is Karan, I am from Unnav Zila, Uttar Pradesh. I came to Delhi two years ago and I chose this city because I really like to travel here. I love to visit India Gate. I always wanted to come to a big city and my parents did not want me to go too far from home so I chose Delhi. I actually really like Delhi and I live in the buildings where I work so my home keeps changing with my contracts.

Moving to Delhi was strange though. It was scary and I was alone. I just came to Delhi one day without a plan and I didn’t have a house or anyone I knew. I got in touch with some people from my village who were already working in Delhi and I found work through them. I don’t have any family here, my family is back in the village, but I visit them every month. Two of my elder brothers have studied till 8th grade; I also have a younger brother who studied till 5th grade. I studied till 6th grade. I didn’t study further because I had some personal problems at home.

I don’t get any help from the government, nothing. I do not follow the politics here in Delhi but I do follow politics of my village very closely as I have good knowledge of it. I make it a point to go to the village and vote. Voting there seems more relevant to me than voting in Delhi.

I miss playing cricket with my friends the most. I have played it sometimes here too but it’s not the same. I also miss home the most but I call my mother whenever that happens. As for my plans for the future, I will go back to the village for at least 2 months and then I’ll come to Delhi and find some other work like machinery. I don’t want to do construction work anymore because I don’t end up earning much. However, I will come back to Delhi because I really like it here. " 

This story was written by i am a migrant’s partner, UNESCO New Delhi.

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