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"Santoso migrated in the nineties to the Netherlands, a country that he mainly knew from his parents' tales."
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In the Netherlands there is a big Indonesian community. With this knowledge Santoso migrated in the nineties to the country that he mainly knew from his parents' tales. 

He usually found work, but in the last few years before his return it became increasingly difficult due to the lack of a residence permit. 

Santoso stayed in the Netherlands for more than twenty years. In 2016 he returned to his homeland in Bandung, Indonesia. 

Initially, his plan was to start a restaurant. He had been working in the catering industry all his life. But he changed his mind and with the help of IOM's Return and Reintegration program, he decided to purchase a scooter to start a taxi company. 

In a city like Bandung, that has more than 2.5 million inhabitants, he has enough customers.  

Santoso works hard on his reintegration in Indonesia, but he hasn't forgotten the Netherlands. The transition was big. Now that he is back in Indonesia that feeling of being homesick sometimes comes back towards the Netherlands.

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