Alaa, 1,095 km
"I want to tell people that even when life feels dark, it goes on."
Jory, 1,095 km
"Leaving home is the most difficult thing I have ever done."
Salih and Hussein
"A new job in Iraq was expecting us! We were very happy".
"I now see myself building my future instead of looking back in regret."
"Even if you have everything and are enjoying your life abroad, you will always feel like a stranger."
Shaima, 433 km
"I don’t want my children to see what I saw; I will work hard so that they have a better life than I had."
Majid and Saeed, 80 km
"Mosul used to be a mosaic of people. Now we are broken fragments again, not part of a whole."
"I can play without being ashamed, or feeling like I won’t be as good as the other guys."
"They arrested my cousin who was a car mechanic because he refused to fix one of their cars [...] After several days ISIL hanged him."
Amal, 59 km
"My youngest son asks me why he should study. He feels that his only option is to go to Europe. But who would be there to welcome him?"
"My hope is that these students can do the same thing as I did and return to their own country to help with rebuilding and reconstruction."
Tala, 1,101 km
"You can live your life and think everything is fine, and then there’s suddenly a moment where you have to leave."