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“I brought my culture with me to Ireland. Now I feel like I’m mixed culture, an ‘inbetweener’.”
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I was 14 years old when I moved here. I had never heard of Ireland before, but my aunt knew a bit about country because she worked as a surgeon and used to go to Belfast (Northern Ireland) and worked in Dublin occasionally. She recommended Ireland as a place to study and go to school. It was tough at first because I didn’t know anyone. I was in a new country and my parents weren’t with me. It took a while, but I adapted when I started going to school and started having Irish friends.

I had been happy at home before coming to Ireland, but I chose to be spontaneous. Well, rather my parents chose to be spontaneous and sent me to Waterford (south-east of Ireland).

When I first came to Ireland there were a few obstacles to overcome, because it’s a completely different experience and you don’t know anyone – absolutely no one. It’s kind of hard to adapt quickly when you first arrive and you are young and by yourself. However, I suppose with time I adapted, became more and more Irish. I suppose you can tell by my accent.

I have made a lot of memories here. I have only vague memories from when I was young, but I can’t really remember much, therefore most of my memories were made here in Ireland.

I feel I brought my culture with me to Ireland, where of course there is a different culture. Now I feel like I’m mixed culture – an ‘inbetweener’ let’s say. I have a mixture of cultures between English, Iraqi and Irish. It’s good and bad in a way, it has its ups and downs but that’s what I would say – I brought a different culture.

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