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Photo credit: The Irish Times

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“People are very positive and supportive when they hear what I believe in and why I choose to uphold the values that mean so much to me."
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Eric Davis landed on his feet when he first arrived in Ireland. The software company where he works organised a penthouse apartment in central Dublin for him, and within a couple of hours of stepping on to Irish soil he had already made friends.

He grew up in a Mormon household and was eager to reach out to the small community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ireland before moving halfway across the globe for work.

“There’s a Facebook page for young people so I wrote on it saying this is where I’m living and asking which church I should go to. I landed on the Sunday morning, dropped my suitcase at my apartment and went straight to church.”

On his first day in Ireland he met a group of young people from the Mormon church in Terenure, who automatically welcomed him into the fold.

“Most of them are Irish. There are some other Americans who are over here working and there’s some French and Africans. A little bit of everybody.”

He finds Irish people warm and friendly, but he thinks those outside the church are very different to friends back home. “I wouldn’t label Irish people as outgoing because compared to Americans they’re just more reserved. They’re not as confident. The activities they do are different.”

He describes the Irish dating style as “shocking”. It drives him crazy.

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Courtesy of The Irish Times

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