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"I guess I brought the rawest version of myself to Ireland and it was very much the making of me."
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New Zealand

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"I was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

I left my country under a dark cloud. I definitely needed change in my life and things weren’t really going the way I hoped. I had an argument with my boss in New Zealand and walked out of my place of work into the travel agent across the road and said ‘I want to go somewhere’, the girl behind the desk was very helpful and she suggested Dublin.

I first came to Ireland in 2012 and I then moved back in 2014 and that was my permanent immigration.

I didn’t have any connections and it was on my first bus tour that I made some friends and managed to find a job during my first 6 days in Ireland. I went straight into something, I really landed on my feet but ultimately I think it was pure chance. Moving to Ireland was purely about finding myself.

When I started to work, I was taking over from a previous counterpart who was an expat like me and was coming close to the end of her one year visa so it helped me get a little bit of inspiration. While I was there I recruited another ‘Kiwi’ who was travelling around the world. After about four months I met my (now) husband and he supported me pretty much whole heartedly the whole time.

I didn’t have any connections to anybody here. I was in a very different position, I had a few hundred euros in my pocket and I didn’t have any plans. I knew I could get a job but I didn’t have one. When I came back here the second time it was very much returning to family: I was returning with my (Irish) partner who had established friends.

I guess I brought the rawest version of myself to Ireland and it was very much the making of me, understanding my priorities and developing myself.”

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