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"I like that Ireland is not consumed by hate and violence."
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Finding work in Dublin as a young Brazilian can be extremely challenging, says Tággidi as she takes a sip from her cappuccino. It’s even more difficult if you’re considered old, she adds.

The São Paulo native, who looks younger than her 34 years, says she has struggled to find employment since she moved to Ireland last September to learn English.

“I’ve applied for everything: sales assistant, au pair, childminder, babysitter, nanny, in pubs, waitress, staff, deli, anything. I’ve lost count. I don’t know how many CVs I handed out.”

Tággidi says some au pair agencies aren’t interested in women over 30. She briefly worked for a family as child minder, but left after 10 days when she realised how low the salary was.

“I’ve looked for au pair jobs and had good interviews but once I ask them to pay me what the Government says is the legal amount, they say no. Most of the time families will pay €100-€150 a week.”

Tággidi soon realised the key to finding work in Ireland was knowing people in the industry. She also learned that childminding and waitressing weren’t the only employment opportunities available to young Brazilian women.

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