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"I’d love to go back home one day and help my community. It hurts to see someone just like me who has nothing. So I want to help them."
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I was rescued at sea by the Italians while trying to reach Europe and I was immediately given the chance to enroll in the third year of Italian public middle school here in Palermo.

I am so grateful to Italians: other than having saved me, Italians also provided me with the opportunity to feel more integrated and accepted.

Of course, living here is not always easy. Like many other migrants who are now living in Italy, I would like to tell the people who stayed in my country what the journey to Europe is really like but they wouldn’t believe me. When I tell my brothers back home about the dangers in of coming to Italy, they think I just don’t want them to come to Europe.

Once, my sister asked me how things were going for me here and I told her that it can be extremely difficult sometimes. She replied: “Well then just come back to Africa! You can help me take care of our mother.”

I would love to go back home one day, but now it is just not the right time. When I can finally be in Senegal again, I want to actively engage in helping the poorest people of my community. It hurts to see someone just like me who doesn’t have anything to eat or any shelter, or children that can’t go to school. I need to help them. I will help them.

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