Radja Nainggolan and the City Pirates, 1,519 km
The relationship of trust built between players, parents and the City Pirates club, makes it easy for certain matters to be dicussed.
Mika, 7,309 km
“There is no work for me in Bangladesh, but here there is."
Eleonora, 11,798 km
"Because of all my travels, I can consider any place in the world my home."
Sophia , 4,166 km
"I am a free woman. I want to be Sophia, this is how I was born and who I want to be when I die."

Photo credit: Richard Johnson

Barbara and Chaqir, 2,407 km
"Being different is not something bad. It adds to the lives of people that you meet."

Photo Credits: WFP/Rein Skullerud

Hasan, 2,427 km
"We have a lot of dreams for Syria, dreams of peace [...] It is not easy but we have the hope."

Photo Credits: WFP/Rein Skullerud

Nour, 2,427 km
"When we left, we wanted to bring many things with us but [...] I left all my life behind me."
Milissa, 9,090 km
"I show a lot of respect and I speak the language. That gets you a lot in Italy."
Ayana, 6,857 km
“I really wish that people know that Mongolia has many faces. I love being a bridge across worlds."
Hannah, 1,900 km
"I was touched by the warm affection from the refugees who took part in the art project and learned that you never become poor by giving."
Ahmed, 1,725 km
"My sons are proud of me because they know their dad is helping other people in need."
Rakeen, 4,935 km
"We need support to stand on our own legs. and then we can stand up, walk and go on and fix our lives"

Photo credit: IOM/Florence Kim

Carlos, 6,864 km
"In Italy I always felt more than welcome. People were intrigued by my differences, I was 'the Indian,' a mythical figure."
Cécile, 5,471 km
"'Don’t come back until you have found what you’re looking for,' said my mother when I left."
Lul, 5,515 km
"Our value to society is not openly recognized. We enrich, not burden, your society."

Photo credit: IOM/F.KIM

Yusef, 2,662 km
"I love Italy. I love it because of the culture, which is very famous in Syria, for its history but especially for its football.”

Photo credit: IOM/F.KIM

Deng, 4,312 km
"The policeman asked me: "Are you Deng? I expected you to be Chinese!" Despite some funny situations, I consider myself lucky in Italy."
Rafael, 9,577 km
“Milan is a city that has opened many doors for me.”
Laila, 928 km
“My mom used to tell me to remember that I am not 50% Italian and 50% Tunisian, but 100% Italian and 100% Tunisian.”
Gubaz, 3,228 km
“I am proud of the choices I made and I want to encourage everyone to follow their dreams.”