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“Milan is a city that has opened many doors for me.”
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Country of Origin: 
El Salvador

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"I left El Salvador when I was just a child. There was a civil war at the end of the 1980s, and many relatives and friends of mine were moving to the US, Australia or Italy. My family and I decided to move to Honduras instead, hoping to go back once the conflict ended. After I finished high school I decided to go back to El Salvador to start university. Even though it is my home country, it felt like I was in a foreign country. Luckily, Salvadorians are really warm and I settled into my new life quickly.

Later on, I started to look for masters’ degree opportunities abroad as I was eager to discover new realities. I found a program that would allow me to do so and excitingly for me, the first part would be in France and the second, in Italy.

I invested all my savings in this opportunity. When I look back at this experience, I can say that France and Italy, which I thought had very similar cultures, are actually extremely different. As a foreigner, it took quite some time for French locals to trust me and get to know me whereas people in Milan are hospitable, the city is well-organized, the level of education is high and of course it is a country rich in culture. Milan is a city that has opened many doors for me. 

However, I still struggle to get used to the weather, which in the summer was unbearably hot, higher than the temperatures I knew in El Salvador!"

Previous Country of Residence: 
France, Honduras

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