Joseph Dalilah

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“I encourage young people to take up poultry farming. It is a profitable business with a high demand.”
Joseph Dalilah
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I travelled to Tripoli in 2016 and then returned to The Gambia in 2018. I was inspired to get into poultry farming by a friend of mine who was doing well in it. That is when I decided to come back and start my own poultry farm. In 2018, I participated in a six-month training on poultry production and management. After completing the training, I was supported with 2,000 birds for a start-up. I am currently working on expanding my poultry farm, because the demand I have now exceeds the supply. My main customers are hotels, supermarkets, and private individuals; to meet their demand, I will need another 3,000 birds. Sometimes, I face challenges. To satisfy my customers’ needs and maintain a good relationship with them, I would buy eggs from other poultry farms at the same selling cost. The feed for the chickens is another challenge we have to deal with, since we are buying feed from people who import from Senegal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not easy surviving during COVID-19. Travelling out of the country to Senegal to buy the birds is also another challenge. Customers are also not buying as much as before, but they are asking for a price reduction while I need to cover the salaries of the two people who work with me. I am also working as an administrator at a real estate agency – another job that I do on the side. I am responsible for taking care of the institutions’ documents. This job helps me a lot in sustaining my farm. At the moment it is also helping with my expansion project for the rearing of more chicks. My advice to young Gambians is that we can make it here. I am a living example. I attempted the backway journey twice and nothing worked. Now, it is a different story. I encourage young people to take up poultry farming. It is a profitable business with a high demand. Joseph’s reintegration assistance was supported by the European Union's Emergency Trust Fund for Africa through the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration.

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