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1,850 kmfrom home
“Having to flee my country couldn’t stop me from driving social change.”
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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"As the President of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s Children’s Parliament (2009-2012), I couldn’t help but criticise the regime and the Congolese rebels for involving children in their political manoeuvres. I quickly became a political target and fled across the border to prevent falling victim to the conflict in the country I called home. When I fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the age of 20, I didn’t know where I was going or if I would be welcomed into my new country.

Kenya has certainly offered me this much needed warm welcome. My fear of being rejected was met with sympathy. Facing these hardships didn’t seem as difficult thanks to Kenyan hospitality.

Shortly after I arrived, I was recruited by FilmAid Nairobi, a humanitarian organisation focusing on educating and bringing psycho-social relief to displaced people around the world.

In 2014, I got the chance to represent the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the One Young World Summit in Dublin. It inspired me to found the Happy4Life Network which demonstrates solidarity in the struggle for children’s rights and universal protection.

I do feel that I have a mission; a mission of improving and changing lives of many children and other vulnerable people around the globe. One of my greatest life goals is to leave a better, cleaner, safer and more peaceful world to the future generations.

I wish the gun was a pen and the bullet a pencil. I wish there were more educated people and far fewer refugees, and that we could peacfully resolve our differences for the sake of the children.

I mostly miss my hometown, Goma. I miss the children I was spending time with, I miss advocating for their rights, and yes, I do miss the Congolese food and the freshness of Lake Kivu.

Home for me is where I am comfortable, an environment where I feel safe, welcomed, happy, educated, healthy and useful. Although I love my home country, I would be happy to call any place that gives me comfort home."

This story was provided by i am a migrant's partner, One Young World.

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