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"My daughters are both in school but I only get to see them on Facebook. I don’t want them to grow up without me being there."
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“A few years ago, I thought I would be able to make enough money to have a big house in my country, Madagascar. But I fell sick, and was not able to work anymore. I had two young girls who needed to eat so I decided to leave my country and look for work abroad.

I came to Kuwait three years ago. I never had a problem with my employer, but there was another maid in the house who I had a lot of issues with.

I ran away from my sponsor’s house because of the other maid, and went to a friend’s house. But while I was there, I started getting a really bad headache and one whole side of my body went numb. I’d had a stroke, and was able to get to the hospital quickly. I stayed there for two months. Now, fortunately, I feel better, but I still have problems walking and using my hand.

I’m now living in a shelter. One of the women goes with me to my weekly doctor’s appointment, and I don’t have to pay for anything. I wouldn’t be able to pay for medical care without their help.

I really want to go home. My daughters are both in school now but I only get to see them through my sister’s Facebook page. I don’t want them to grow up without me being there. And with my health being so bad, there’s no time to waste!”


Angie was able to seek assistance and reside in a shelter run by the Government of Kuwait.

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