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"My dream is to save up to build a house for my family in my country."
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"I come from Tamil nadu State in India, from a small village close by the sea which consists mostly of agricultural fields where most people work in agriculture jobs that are very low paid. I decided to extend my scope of knowledge by moving to a different state for another career path. Soon after that, my friend informed me of a job opportunity in Kuwait as a security safety officer.

When I first arrived in 2012, I was surprised by the extreme hot temperature as I had never witnessed such heat before, I also found many differences in the people their culture and beliefs. Life here was difficult in the beginning as I had to learn how to address people as would be acceptable in the Arab culture.

Working as a security safety officer at the United Nations house in Kuwait has given me a lot of confidence as I always have so much support from all staff and colleagues of different hierarchical levels. Work load is high as well as long working hours but I am happily able to manage. I miss my family so much but in Kuwait I feel close to home.

Apart from taking financial responsibilites of my family, my dream is to save up to build a house in my native country. This dream is taking longer to accomplish because of sudden unexpected financial burdens and insufficient funds. In the meantime I am enjoying my experience here in Kuwait because the humanitarian field is extremely fulfilling where I relate to those in need from people in need of assistance back in my home village. I feel very lucky and blessed to be a part of the UN family who has always been very friendly and given me lots of love and support. I hope to continue working and progressing in my career here in Kuwait."

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