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"I was afraid of being home sick, but from my first day here I felt safe and comfortable."
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"I am from Sorsogon Province in the Philippines, where I grew up in a middle class family. I decided to come to Kuwait to work as a domestic helper, so that I can financially help my family and eventually build a nice home back in my country. In the Philippines, it is very difficult to find a job where you can earn a high salary.

The first time I came to Kuwait I noticed that it looked different from pictures I’ve seen. I was afraid of being home sick, but from my first day here I felt safe and comfortable, in contrast to the stories I’ve heard from my friends who also work abroad. The family I work with is super nice to me. I’ve been in Kuwait for almost two years but I don’t feel home sick because they give me freedom to do the things I like, and most of all to play volleyball which is my favourite sport. Kuwait is a pleasant country, there is a large Filipino community here and I feel like Kuwait is my second home.

My son used to suffer from leukemia, but he has been a cancer survivor for almost 7 years. It costs a lot of money to maintain his health so that the cancer doesn’t return.  My mother is also very old and takes medication; she fully relies on me for support. Now I can say that my family is stable, and I plan to stay here as long as I can so that I can save enough to start up my own business back home."

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