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"I packed 20 years of life in two pieces of luggage, and headed towards my new station."
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"I am originally from Sargodha, Pakistan. In 2006 right after I graduated from university, I was recruited by an American company called KBR. The company's deployment area was Middle East having Kuwait as my base. I will never forget the day I landed at Kuwait International Airport to find a company representative waiting for me, holding a board with my name on it. It felt like I was entering a whole new world, in which some people knew my name but no one knew me personally. I had packed my 20 years of life in two pieces of luggage, headed towards my new station at a camp in Arifjan.

Before coming to Kuwait, I had read about the rich culture and amazing traditions of the Arabs. But when I was deployed I came to learn that I would work and live inside the camp, and have very limited interactions with the locals and restricted movement. I was in Kuwait, but not in Kuwait.

Working with US and other collation forces from different countries in my original role was a great experience, which not only broadened my vision of the world but also introduced me to the scope of international work. In 2014, I joined the United Nations and finally I was free to move elsewhere in Kuwait; I find it to be a very rich, historical, and multi-cultural country. I love the traditional food and I never miss the camel racing in Kabd.

The decision to migrate helped me in develop my career, as well as giving me an opportunity to learn about different cultures."

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