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"I do miss many things from my country: my family, the comfort of living, and the freedom."
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"When I was 19 years old I decided to leave Nigeria to seek better work opportunities in Senegal. At 21 I reached Libya. Now I a work as an air conditioning mechanic. At first I thought Libya seemed dangerous but then I adapted to the system and found my peace. I always try to find my peace because that is home to me.

I do miss many things from my country though: my family, the comfort of living, and the freedom. 

I think I can bring a new image of the Nigerian community to Libya. Not everyone is the same; there is the bad and there is the good.

In the future I would like to create equality between rich and poor, and between tribes present in the Nigerian community. I would like to tell my Nigerian people to focus on what we can do for our country and what Nigeria can do for us. I would tell Nigerians to teach their grandchildren to do good."

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