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Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

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"I’m a bit different than others; my happiness really comes from my job."
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“I came to Libya in 2004. I work as a nurse supervisor; I’m in charge of six sub-units under mine. It sounds like a lot, but I really enjoy this job and this service. My family moved with me here  two years after I began my stay. I have two daughters. They were only four and eight years old back then. Now, one of them is studying veterinary medicine. She likes pets a lot. The other one is still in high school. My husband is working here with me in the hospital. He works at the cafeteria.

I believe in God’s will in my life. It’s by his will that I’m here, no matter the situation. That inlcudes the problems I am facing in work or the security situation in Libya. It’s all by his will and this is why I’m really enjoying my life. Back in 2014, my father died but I didn’t go back. My mother is waiting for me, but I have not gone because of the ban on traveling to Libya from India. I believe, it's also because of God’s will. Whenever I deal with elder patients, I think of them as my own parents. I feel so happy when I help them.

I’m a bit different than others; my happiness really comes from my job. Since 2004, I have never taken leave or even sick leave. I come in before work starts and I finish everything in time. When I go home, I feel like I’m dancing back to my place. This is my special happiness.

I started studying nursing in 1992. I was on duty as student, when in 1993 I faced some personal difficulties. I fell down at the hospital and had a serious injury that took one year to heal. I was getting treatment and the doctors said I couldn’t continue studying nursing, because I wasn't able to stand up for long periods. I saw my friends starting the new year, while I was still not healed. But one day, and it’s up to you to believe or not, I woke up completely healthy. This is my miracle in life, God healed me. For that, I decided to continue my studies. And for ten years, I worked in that same hospital. God can do everything in our lives. This is my destiny –I’m here, able to walk, stand and work."

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