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"I am not a nationality, I am a woman, a professional, a volunteer and a student. I am a person."
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« When I go abroad and return to Luxembourg, I truly feel at home.  And when I meet Luxembourgish people abroad, I feel Luxembourgish more than anything else. »

Sandrine is originally from Rwanda but was forced to flee her home country with her family in order to find peace and security in Europe. To do so, she first spent a month at the infamous Des Mille Collines Hotel which, in her words, no longer felt like a hotel: “it was a shelter more than it was a hotel.”

They were eventually evacuated by peace-keepers and crossed the border to Uganda where they spent two weeks in a camp. Thanks to ties her mother had with Nuns who were on mission in Luxembourg, they managed to fly to Italy and then to Luxembourg where Sandrine now lives. Today she has been naturalized as Luxembourgish.

« I am not a nationality, I am a person » says Sandrine who now spends her time training companies and organizations in a view to achieve greater cultural diversity among staff and to facilitate intercultural conversation between team members. She also volunteers for a renowned human rights NGO where she invests much of her time and energy and she is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Luxembourg, having already completed a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

Sandrine is definitely a migrant. But as she puts it, she is also a woman, a professional, a volunteer and a student. «Each migrant has a story to tell, a story that renders his/her experience unique ».



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