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“The solidarity of the Mexican people is the biggest lesson I have learned.”
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Syrian Arab Republic

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My name is Amer, I am 24 years old and I am Syrian. I am passionate about learning foreign languages. I have a degree in Language and French Literature from the University of Damascus. I was a French school teacher and taught private classes as well. 

I decided to leave Syria because there was a very complicated conflict and to evade compulsory military service. I also wanted to continue my studies but in Syria it was very tough to go to University.

Thanks to the Habesha Project* I now have the chance to finish my studies in Mexico. The changes have made me feel much more at ease. I have the freedom to study, I live in better conditions and can get to know the culture of a new country and its people.

I am currently taking a Spanish course at a university to improve this language that I had already studied.

I believe that the mere fact of traveling makes you learn and grow as a person. The solidarity of the Mexican people is the biggest lesson I have learned.

* The Habesha Project is a neutral, not-for-profit, non-political, and non-faith based international Mexican and Costa Rican-led humanitarian initiative aimed at making it possible for Syrian students who have fled the conflict to travel to Mexico to pursue higher education.

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