Edwin Rivera

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470 kmfrom home
"I’m taking this path because I have goals for me and my family."
Edwin Rivera
Agente de ventas de telefonía
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El Salvador

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I came to Mexico to join my family and work with them in the building sector in Monterrey. I have two children living in San Salvador. My sister and I have always ensured our family’s well-being.

I’m not rich, I’m not poor but I managed to put together enough money to start this journey. I’m looking for a better future. I decided to come because part of my family is living here and because of the difficult situation in El Salvador. In my country we had the means to survive, but I lost my job, so I chose to migrate.

It is not easy to start a journey abroad knowing that you’re leaving your family and the warmth of your country. I’m taking this path because I have goals for me and my family. Travelling through Mexico has not been easy. I have slept in the streets, central squares, parks, bus terminals, and at the end I got a place in a shelter here in Tapachula. During my travel I was always cautious, but I got robbed in Guatemala and I was left with nothing. I am stuck here and I have not been able to communicate with my family. There’s still a long way to go.

Fortunately, I have met with some Salvadoran friends who were already here and they have fed me, helped me with money and they have even tried to get me a job. I could momentarily work as a waiter here in Tapachula, however I need to speak with my brother to decide if continue my path to Monterrey or if I stay a few more days.

I would like to work with my family in Mexico as soon as possible, and in a future, I would like to bring my parents and my children to live with me.

Previous Country of Residence: 
El Salvador

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