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"Being a migrant gave me the motivation and boosted me to start my own business."
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El Salvador

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"I left El Salvador when I was 20 and I came to Mexico. I was doing a Bachelor in foreign languages, but I was in danger and I had financial problems. I was threatened by some criminals and I decided to leave.

I started to look for a job, but I couldn’t find one. My sister was working in a shoe shop in Hidalgo and she told me to come to work with her. I decided to start this journey and over the years I met my husband who is from Guatemala and who also came to Mexico to work.

We started to get along with each other and we decided to live together. I have always been a good cook, as we were starting our marriage I was always preparing a different meal for him so one day we decided to open a restaurant of Salvadoran food. We started to put together some money and we opened our restaurant. At the beginning, our stove and everything was little, but we had the desire to work. In the first instance, it was very difficult because people didn’t really know us and unfortunately we were discriminated against because of our nationality.

I began with some food samples for them to test it before buying. They started to like our food and we started to increase our customers. They even started to ask for delivery. That is how we started to grow and now our business is running properly.

We didn’t have any employee, my husband was the waiter and I was the cook. Eventually, as our business grew, we were able to recruit some staff. Currently, three women from Central America are working with us (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala). They’re also migrants who are looking for a better future.

Being a migrant gave me the motivation and boosted me to start my own business. In El Salvador, I was afraid because I had bad experiences. Often, criminals asked us for money when they noticed that we were selling things. We don’t have that kind of problems here and we can work in a safe environment.

The good thing about being in a new country is that you can meet new people and you can start from zero. In my case, I was successful with my business and I managed to start my family. The bad thing is that sometimes some people discriminate against you but this must not be a reason for you to give up. You have to find the positive ways to move forward. I know other similar cases of migrants who started from scratch and they have managed to be successful during the course of time."

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El Salvador

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