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"I’m convinced that here we can live a better life."
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"I’m from Honduras and I’m a single mother. In my country I was working in a factory, but it was really difficult to provide for my four kids with a low wage. It was really difficult to keep going.

Four years ago, some friends decided to come to Mexico and I came with them. I was heading to the United States, but I didn’t reach my final destination. So I stayed in Mexico and I managed to bring my two elder sons. First, we lived in Guanajuato and currently we live in Oaxaca. Right now I am on the process of bringing my third child, so that we could live together. Here we can have a normal life because it’s safe and prices are more affordable. My children and I have worked since the beginning to move forward in our lives.  

In my previous experiences as a migrant I had to get on the train “La Bestia” alone and with them. I have taken it when it is at standstill and people go into the carriages, called “gondolas”, which have the space to sit. It is a one or two-day trip. When the train stops, people are getting off it to buy food very quickly and they get back on board.

It has not been easy because I had to fight every day, walk long distances, and be separated of my other children, but I’m convinced that here we can live a better life.

In Celaya city I had a job in a family business where I was painting and cleaning apartments for rent. I have really tried to regularize my situation in Mexico because I want to live in Oaxaca with my family. Five months ago my grandchild was born here. I would like to see him grow, raise him and be with them. My youngest daughter is still living in Honduras with her dad.

I have done some immigration proceedings, however the process is very long and difficult. I pray all the time and I ask God to provide us with jobs and protect us from all harm because we are not bad people. 

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