Omar Enrique Nizama Peña

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"I learned to adapt to this beautiful country”
Omar Enrique Nizama Peña
Computer technician
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My name is Omar Nizama Peña. I was born in the Amotape district, in Paita, province of the Piura department, northern Peru. I spent a few years of my childhood with my grandparents. Years later, I moved with my parents to Talara, where I grew up, studied and worked on television channels. I graduated as a computer technician and had the opportunity to work as a photographer, as it is one of my passions.

In 2011, love came to me. I met who will later become my wife through friends we had in common on Facebook. Her name is Ana. We were friends for a long time and we had a long-distance relationship. This is how, in 2014, I came to Mexico to consolidate the relationship; my wife is Mexican. The following year we got married.

Migrating and starting in Mexico was not easy for me. The first day, when I opened my eyes, I realized that I was no longer in my country and, although I was happy to be with my girlfriend, I felt that something was missing. I really missed my little sister, who is the only woman of 8 brothers. She was one year old when I migrated and in each girl I seemed to see her, but I understood that it was a process.

The days passed getting to know Mexico and looking for a job. I started washing dishes in a restaurant, where I learned a lot and met very good people, including Sara and Paco who helped me get ahead. Seeing my good performance, they made me cook in their restaurant and after a while I became a kitchen manager. They always said that Peruvians are very hard workers. The following year, I worked at a company as a graphic designer and then, in 2017, I was able to enter a company as a systems technician, position in which I continue until today. I also dedicate myself to photography on weekends and I hope to continue learning until I have my own business.

Over the years I learned to adapt to this beautiful country, which welcomed me and to which I am very grateful, as I am also with my wife who has always helped me. In the future, we hope to have our own business so that we can help our families and travel to other countries.

Two years ago, I returned to Peru with Ana after a long time and it was a very exciting to reunite with my family. Endless hugs and tears of emotion. I had the opportunity to visit Cusco with my wife. She fell in love with the place and so did I, since it was also the first time I visited such a beautiful place.

I miss my country, my family, my friends and my food. I hope to return soon and hug my loved ones and eat a delicious ceviche. I always listen to the song "Contigo Perú" that makes me imagine back in my homeland.

Despite all the obstacles that we face in another country, Peruvians know how to get ahead. Being a migrant taught me that all of us who are far away represent Peru, its culture, its people, its music and its history. It is up to us to always leave the name of our dear and beautiful country high.

Let us never forget our roots.