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“The first day I arrived back, I didn’t feel like I was home. It felt like I was still somewhere else.”
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When he was 22, Jake went to Fiji to study Philosophy with the eventual goal of joining the priesthood.

Upon first landing in Fiji, Jake was struck by how much more modern the country was in comparison to the small island he calls home. Jake was living in the Fiji for three years when he learned on Facebook that super typhoon Maysak had hit his home.

“I was online the whole time. I read everything. I was looking to see if anybody heard about my family. I was so happy when I finally heard everyone was safe.”

Jake felt compelled to fly back, even though he knew he might not have the money to return to Fiji.

“The first day I arrived back, it felt like I wasn’t home. All the houses had blown over and people were cutting trees that were blocking the road. Everyone was trying to rebuild their houses.”

Jake admired the organizations, and people from the local community living abroad, who were sending packages to help residents deal with the aftermath of the storm. “They gave food, tarps, and tents. Everything”

Jake hopes to return to Fiji, resume his studies, and join the priesthood eventually. He looks forward to dedicating his life to the service of others. For now, his main priority is to help rebuild his community.

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