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"We have the opportunity to be, well, one voice, andinvite to include, respect and tolerate other people."
Communication Officer
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El Salvador

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"The first time I migrated, I was about 1 year old. My mother took me to Colombia while I was still a baby. When I was 12, I went back to El Salvador and when I was 25, I left again."

Gonzalo is a leader of youth, engaged in social work and communication officer as of profession. Born in El Salvador, he spent his childhood in Colombia, returned to his native country, where he finished his studies and began working in a civil society organization, a human rights activist.

"My childhood in Colombia was common, I had my group of friends, I practiced sports, and had the family warmth of my mother, I try to visit whenever I can. When I came back to El Salvador it was difficult, even though I was born here, my habits, my accent and my expressions were those of Colombia, so my classmates laughed at me for being different. Over the years I settled in, the situation improved, I managed to finish university and at the same time work with groups of young victims of violence and other social problems." says Gonzalo.

He considers that part of what led him to become an activist was discrimination he endured as a migrant. "Finally, I realized that people are afraid of what is different and that there is no class or anything to teach us how to handle this fear and we speak, often badly, and we end up hating and exercising violence on others."

"It is possible that the link between being a migrant and those who laugh, judge diversity by showing something wrong, unconsciously made me want to be a communicator. For me, from a media or institution that deals with human rights, it's a responsibility and a commitment. We have the opportunity to be, well, one voice, and invite to include, respect and tolerate other people. "

During the past year, Gonzalo has lived in Nicaragua. He still migrated, but this time the decision was made by him. "Better job opportunities," he said, adding, "It was also a matter of feelings, my partner is from Nicaragua, and one day we decided to be together and decide which country to live in. I volunteered to emigrate, after all, I was a migrant all my life.” He concludes.

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