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"I’ve kept my accent intact as a way of keeping my Salvadoran identity."
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El Salvador

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Morena Bustamante is a Salvadoran who decided to migrate to Managua, Nicaragua three years ago.

"I had mixed feelings. I felt happy and had great expectations for the new journey that I was starting at 52.

When I came to Nicaragua my suitcase only had my clothes and personal belongings. I brought a fork, a spoon, a bowl and a small skillet that my mother put in the luggage. With the little money I had, and by making some adjustments to my salary, I’ve been buying items and furniture that are essential to assemble a home."

Morena works for a Salvadoran institution in Managua. Upon arriving in Nicaragua, she got help from her co-workers and other Salvadorans living in this country.

“Although they are neighbouring countries, El Salvador and Nicaragua seemed very different especially when it comes to safety. I came with the perception that I could become a victim of criminals, so I was always looking around for who was beside me when I walked through the streets, but after some time in this country, I’ve relaxed in that sense.

I miss most my family, my friends, my home, the cities frequented and the food. That is why I’ve kept my accent intact as a way of keeping my Salvadoran identity. I know a lot of Salvadorans I have met here that are getting the Nicaraguan accent. That was not my case.”

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