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"I’ll probably go back to Senegal to use what I have learnt here to contribute to my country’s development and to Africa as a whole."
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Fatou considers herself a migrant as she left her home country, Senegal, to move to Niger 4 years ago. What she misses most from there is the cool weather as it is extremely hot here.

“Although it happened smoothly, moving to Niger was a challenge. I grew up in Dakar – the beautiful and untouched capital of Senegal – not being aware of the poverty situation in some remote areas until I had the chance to work with migrants.

I have come across all types of migration through my job. It is a real school in terms of humanitarian response and development needs. Moving abroad made me aware of this reality and taught me a lot about my home country. I am a legal migrant who works with irregular migrants from Senegal. Thanks to them, I have learnt about what is really happening there.

Migrants coming from poor and remote regions have a very different life from the one I have in Niger as a migrant. I doubt that I’ll live abroad until the end of my life. I’ll probably go back to Senegal and use what I have learnt while working with migrants to contribute to my country’s development and to Africa as a whole.”

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