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"I am sure that anyone, no matter where they come from, could find a place of their own in this country."
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I left Congo in 2008 fleeing from the war that took away my mother and two of my brothers. I arrived in Romania together with another 34 people from my country and I started working as a taxi driver in Bucharest. Although I liked the city very much it was hard for me at first as I didn’t know the language except for few words that I learned along the way. I started with simple words like “hello”, “straight forward”, “left” and “right”. In my first few days as a taxi driver I didn’t even know the locations so when my passenger said “stop here” I did so. It took me a month to learn the main locations around Bucharest, I learned the addresses of every hotel and the route from the airport by walking around the city. I liked what I was doing, and I enjoyed my life in Bucharest, but it didn’t last long as the Romanian company that I signed with in Congo changed the terms of the contract when we arrived here and when we decided to file a complaint to the authorities they just fired us. Even if we wanted to go back to Congo we couldn’t as the war was still ongoing, so we were sent to Galati. I asked for political asylum in 2009 but it took nine years to receive one. In 2010 I’ve got my working permit and I found a job in Craiova. I like living in Craiova, I feel like home here, there is peace and quiet and people are nice with you, but sometimes I do think of my country, I cannot stop thinking that people back home are killed every single day, this really makes me sad. I like working and I like living here, people are nice, and the culture is great, I made a lot of friends and I would like to give something back to my community. I don’t think there is much I can do for my home country, at least not while there is still an open conflict; the situation is tragic, and I would like to see a change although I am not very optimistic at the moment. Romania is my home now and I am sure that anyone, no matter where they come from, could find a place of their own in this country.

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