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"Everybody wants to leave the country and to find a better life, but not all of them have the chance."
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Oday is a young man currently living in Craiova, Romania, who left his country in order to find a safer place to pursue his career and settle down. He lost his parents a long time ago, and now he only has his brothers and sisters. Three of his siblings are still in the Palestinian Territories, two of them are in Egypt in a part of the country where is still some peace, and the rest are in Great Britain.

“I was forced to leave home and to choose a country where I could live a good life and study," Oday said. "Great Britain would have been a good idea because I knew the language, but there I would need to work for eight hours a day in order to pay for my studies. Here, in Romania, you can study for free.”

Even though now he is fully integrated in Romania, Oday's main challenge was overcoming the linguistic barrier.

“When I first came to Romania, I was advised to stay in a smaller, more quiet city, taking into consideration that I didn’t know the language at all. After the first year in Craiova, I got used to the place and decided to stay. The first two years were the hardest.”

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Craiova, Oday found a job in a medical office in the same city, and he is now gaining professional experience his field of choice while helping the local community. Despite the fact that he cannot return to his home country, due to the internal conflict, Oday enjoys the freedom of travelling from Romania to other regions and for this reason he considers himself an extremely fortunate person.

“I can travel to the EU, to countries where there is no war, to the United States of America and Canada. The same as everyone else! I can't go back to the country that I left because of the conflict. I got out because I had a visa for studies. Everybody wants to leave the country and to find a better life, but not all of them have the chance.”

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