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"When you learn that you are perceived as a threat to the society that you are part of, it makes your stay uncomfortable."
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South Africa
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“I was pushed to go to South Africa because I was offered a job and I could not miss this opportunity. I immediately arranged my papers and accreditations that will enable me to work there, and off I went. Little did I know the mental and emotional challenges that would confront me, that came with living in a new country.

It was a big change in my life. Everything was different, the language, the type of food, friends, the weather and having to adapt all came as a challenge to me. I had some of my family around and the Ghanian community who helped me accustom to life in South Africa quite quickly.

Being in a foreign land where the perception of migrants is misunderstood you know you have to look out for yourself everywhere you go because you never know what might happen to you. When you learn that you are perceived as a threat to the society that you are part of, it makes your stay uncomfortable.

My plan was to stay in the country a maximum of two years and head back home. Opportunities started flowing in. From working as a pharmacist in a hospital to owning several pharmacies changed the plans I had for my life. I realized that when God has plans for you, he will push you out of your comfort zone, you will move into a new life and you will succeed. For me, that is the beauty of my move.

Although I miss our food and my friends that I left behind, I am happy with the new life I chose for myself and my family. South Africa is home now.

Migration has taught me to respect and understand people’s backgrounds. The way you do things and how you say things is very important. It has taught me to be polite when you are in a foreign land and try to appreciate the local people as much as possible and treat everyone with respect.

Although my two years stay is long overdue, I will go back home in a few years to retire and live peacefully in my own little corner.”

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