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“I voluntarily returned to my home country and I’m proud to say I can sustain my family now.”
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Born and raised in Gezira state, 33-year-old Abdalla is from Sudan and before immigrating to Libya, he used to sell clothes in his shop in an area of downtown Khartoum.

Deciding he was ready to seek out better opportunities for work and trade, and after getting advice from friends, Abdalla decided to travel to Libya, which used to be known for its high income per capita for labor migrants, where he stayed a year working with a food distribution company.

He decided to return to Sudan because of the escalating insecurity, and voluntarily referred himself to IOM requesting return assistance to his country of origin. Under a project funded by Norway, Abdalla’s return was facilitated and a reintegration package was set up for his individual reintegration.

After returning to Sudan, Abdallah decided to use his entitlements to set up a business. With his previous expertise as a salesman, he decided to open a store. Using the financial package provided by IOM as part of the return assistance, Abdalla purchased clothes to get his business up and running and increased his working capital.

He is now able to cover his family’s expenses and assist other extended family members financially.

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