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“After my journey to Europe, I decided to go back to my family in Sudan and have a new start."
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Emad was living in Sudan with his family and was the only bread winner. As it was getting more and more difficult for him to make ends meet, he decided to move outside the country to look for better work opportunities.

“My adventure started in Turkey and took me across Europe until I finally reached France. It was often time and money consuming and I had to face quite a few obstacles. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a job in France for visa issues, so I decided to return home. The Sudanese Embassy in Paris referred me to IOM that has a return and reintegration programme for migrants.

Migration is not always about leaving home but also returning home. Emad came back from his experience in Europe, willing to build his future in his country.

“IOM was extremely supportive. They helped me get back to my family in Khartoum, where I was able to establish a local grocery store.”

Emad expanded his business by opening a second branch in a remote area of Sudan.

“My business became a success and got very profitable, which enabled me to purchase land and build a house for my family and I where we live happily now.”

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