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"Without a roof over your head, you can never really feel safe. I am eternally grateful that I have received help & support along the way."
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Our village was attacked by armed men, and they were burning the houses, taking what they wanted, even grabbing the children. It was horrible. Immediately, I reached for my children and headed to the safe zone we had built underground in our village.

We then went back to our house, what was left of it anyway. It had been destroyed. We gathered what we could find, some clothes which had not been burnt, some cups, a pot which wasn’t taken, anything that was left. Luckily, some of our goats had escaped, and to our surprise and blessings from Allah, four were discovered by my husband in the nearby bushes.

Without a roof over your head, you can never really feel safe. It was difficult at first as the pots we had were not enough to cook for the whole family, and the children slept on the ground as we did not manage to salvage all the materials from our home.

After we moved to Zam Zam camp, my husband feels he can protect us now with all these organizations around. The kits we were given, especially the kitchen sets containing pans, pots and plates for the family, have meant that I can now cook cleaner food for my kids and there is less chance of them getting sick.

Why did this happen to me? Am I a good mother? Sadly, I have come to realize that this is the circumstances of the country I am currently living in, and many people are suffering like me, if not worse. I am eternally grateful that I am one of the thousands who have received help and support along the way. Without it, my family and I would still be burdening our relatives in their very limited space.

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