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"I’m the only active Guatemalan journalist at the UN in Geneva. I want to help my people."
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“When I arrived to Geneva to work as a journalist, I got the chance to know a lot of people from all over the world, which is complicated to do in Guatemala. I like the openness that these countries give to anyone, and how they enable you to assume the characteristics of the country and integrate into their society.

I miss my family and my friends. The distance is difficult because it doesn’t let you be with the people that you grew up with. I also miss the warmth of the people, which is a very valuable cultural factor in Guatemala. I’m not very nostalgic of the food, but I do miss the Guatemalan geography because you were able to get to the beach or the mountains in very little time.

I grew up with music being a centre point of my life, and in Switzerland it is very difficult to continue with it because, if you want to be part of the music scene, you have to bear a long process. Nevertheless, Geneva has allowed me to be enriched with the types of concerts and shows that the country has. This is very important as this opportunity has enhanced me.

For eight years, Diego has worked as a link between Switzerland and the Guatemalan Civil Society representatives: “I think that one of the areas that I’ve developed as a journalist is to provide a platform for Human Rights Defenders that come from Guatemala to the UN in order to denounce human rights violations. This is a personal commitment that I made to myself and that I’ve tried to keep, as I’m the only active Guatemalan journalist at the UN in Geneva.”

His work has allowed him to accompany important human rights violations claims regarding the insecurity that Human Rights NGO workers and indigenous people have, crimes against women and the assassination of journalists, among others, to the UN Council.

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