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"Music is a universal language which does not discriminate or categorize people but unites them."
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The UN Orchestra Charity Concert in support of IOM's activities will take place on March 25 2017 in Geneva. Get your tickets here!


“I left Belgium when I was 23 to travel to the then Zaïre -now DRC- with my husband who went there on a UNDP assignment.

I was so excited to discover a new continent and particularly this huge diversified country, its people and culture, but I also discovered huge inequalities and extreme poverty. I stayed in several African countries for many years and this broadened my horizons and enriched me as a human being.

I then decided to launch a humanitarian project in Sierra Leone after the civil war in 2003 to give access to primary education to the children of four rural villages. This school is the only opportunity for 350 children in that area to have access to primary education.

After having lived ten years in Africa and five years in the USA, I arrived in Geneva. It is here that, together with Antoine Marguier, we decided to create a multi- cultural orchestra defending the United Nations spirit and its values. Subsequently, in 2011, Antoine and I co-founded the United Nations Orchestra. In our view, music is a universal language which does not discriminate or categorize people but unites them.

Also, through our Orchestra, we bring awareness for the less fortunate who are struggling to survive. And last but not least, we aim at giving our audiences an opportunity to appreciate the great music the Orchestra provides.

Each concert triggers strong emotional feelings within me. It is impressive to watch our talented musicians who give their very best. Equally impressive is to observe the enthusiasm of the audience who is coming to support a good cause.”

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