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Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

5,114 kmfrom home
"This necklace is everything I have from my family & my homeland. It means the world to me, like my father's always with me."
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"Five years ago I fled Afghanistan. When I left, I couldn't take anything with me except the clothes I was wearing.

I was very little when my father was killed, so I hardly have any memories of him. He always wore a golden necklace and after he died, my mother gave it to me.

I came to Switzerland by myself and this necklace is everything I have from my family and my homeland. It means the world to me – it makes me feel like I'm not alone, like my father is always with me."

ImPORTRAITS portrays refugees witht their most important item that they were able to carry along and tells their stories and why this item means the world to them. While some have more than they need others are forced to leave everything behind. This story and portrait is part of ImPortraits project by Photographer Gabriel Hill. All support to this project is donated to help refugees. For more info visit the website.

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