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photo credit: IOM/amanda nero

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"It is a privilege to be part of something meaningful. I'm proud to promote the ideals that the UN stands for."
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“I was born in Geneva to parents working for the international organizations, so I consider myself a child of the United Nations.

I was always exposed to music at home. When I was five years old, I saw a violinist play on TV and was fascinated. My mother thought it was only a phase until she saw me pretending to play violin with two wooden spoons.

I joined the UN Orchestra when I was 15 years old. Music brings me joy. It is an important part of my everyday life and it brings another dimension to it. Being part of the orchestra helps me learn to interact with adults. I am well aware that in the orchestra, teenager or not, we all have to do our best. It takes me out of my teenage world, and my comfort zone.

The United Nations Orchestra gives me the opportunity to be part of an effort to promote the ideals that the UN stands for and which I grew up with. For a young person like me, it is a privilege to have the chance to be part of something meaningful.

We had the opportunity to go to South Korea last year during our Music for Peace tour. Playing at the demilitarized zone, connecting with the audience and being part of a meaningful cause was an extraordinary experience I will never forget. It moved me in ways that I did not expect.

We could not understand each other with words but somehow, music helped us connect with locals. I remember that we had just arrived and were getting off the bus with our instruments when suddenly a group of small Korean children approached us, very curious about our instruments. They started to play with us and no matter the language barriers, we were just happy.”

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