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"It's what you make of the experience of migration that will define its impact on your life."
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"I'm originally from France, but now I live in Thailand where I work as an E-commerce manager. Before that, I used to live in Australia, where I went to join my mother at 17. I had been there as a visitor before I made the move so it wasn't a big discovery, but I would say that I have a much better understanding of the country now. Migration just means being in a country other than your own, it's what you make of the experience that will define its impact on your life.

I maintain links to France via the customers that I work with in my current job, but there are still things that I miss from home, including the food! On a more practical level, there were some challenges that I faced with my move to Thailand, a big one was getting my work permit here. But I'm glad that it worked out because home is wherever I can make money. I'm now in a position to bring my diverse background and skills to my new community. I would advise anyone to come to Thailand — it's a nice place to live."

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